Word Power Made Easy With Hindi and Example (1)

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Translation of books should be done with fidelity to the origional. flaunt .... मरनक The driver later succumbed ...


abash abate abdicate aberration  वक aberration.  वकर " The defeat was a temporary aberration.    ण     ण  करन  abhor  घ  abhor terrorism. terrorism.  करन " I abhor abject अवत / बह   त  जयद   जयद " There is abject poverty in India.    त  abnegate abortive  वनषफल  proved abortive was reported in  वनषफल " Mission that proved the newspaper. abridge  स पण  पण  करन   करन " The book was abridged for children. absolve  वम   करन /म  करन   करन " The Judge absolved the    त     त  करन  accused from all charges. absolute  प  standard for beauty. beauty. य " There is no absolute standard    ण     त    तय  abstinent abstract  सर  !e  सरश " This book is an abstract of amayana.  भ  !e is a painter of abstracts. abstruse  व!ल   व!ल / कव"न   कव"न " I nd maths to be an abstruse subject. abysmal  बह  abysmal.  त    त   #र   # ब " !is habits are abysmal.    रब  accolade  स$मन  something g is  स$मन " To represent the country in somethin itself a great accolade. accost  सब%&न  accosted on the road road by a %&न  करन   करन " I was accosted complete stranger. stranger. acerbic  त'#   # (भ $" $" !e is of acrebic acrebic temperament.  त'#  # ac%uiesce  वबन  family will never  वबन  वर%&   वर%&  क  क  ('क  ('कर  र  करन   करन " !er family ac%uiesce to inter&caste inter&caste marriage. acrid  )*+ र  (भ  nature.  बदब   (भ " I don't like (nil's acrid nature.  बदब     I I get vomitting sensation when I get the acrid of burning rubber.    " !e passed some acrimonious remark on acrimonious  क!  her.   + व& " )ooja's political acumen has made her acumen  क   श*+ र  ब   ब     श*+    द     द  popular in the university. university. acute  त',ण " *ogs have an acute sense of smell.  क   !er  श*+ र  !er    श*+  judgment is acute.  वक!   There is an acute shortage of water  वक!  There in our area.  -पल  adulation  -प are e,perts in adulation.    स' " +yeophants are adamant अव.* " +he is adamant adamant that she wont attend the party.  सक त " This cross&border allusion  स cross&border shelling is an allusion of of war. war.    र " !e keeps himself aloof from अल* / द   द  aloof अल*  from politics. altruism  पर% workers must have altruism.  पर%पक पकव वरत  रत " +ocial workers ambience  त  तरण  रण " The park has a peaeful ambience. ambiguous  /य0'  binoculors' is an  /य0  ' " 'I saw a man with binoculors' ambiguous sentence. ambivalent  वमल  वमल     ल  भल  भल  " !e has an ambivalent attitude towards her. ameliorate  स called to ameliorate  स &र &रन " The army has been called the city situation. amenable    बद बद ह'  ह' /12कर' / 3य " (n employee is amenable to the o-cer. amenity  स  electricity we have lot's lot's of    #     # & स     व&     व& " *ue to electricity amenities in life.  मन%ह  The valley of owers is an amenity in  मन%हरत  रत  The the !imalayas. amiable  वमलन  वमलनस सर  र " ehru chacha was always amiable with children. amicable  वमत+रत+" The two parties do not not seem to reach reach an amicable settlement. amnesty  स  surrendered themselves म " The rebels who surrendered   म  were granted amnesty.    र- amoral  द   र-र'  र' /अ&म'   " avan was an amoral person. amorous  कम'   # रवसक  0" (fter having alcohol in the the party he  कम'  #  रवसक 0" became amorous. amorphous अनकर " !e found it di-cult to manage the amorphous organi1ation.  रव4ल   " (narchism is a result of bad anarchism  रव4ल government. analogy  सम  समनत " 2himpan1ee and human being have analogy between them. anarchy अ5य(0 /अरकत " 3ad government can give rise to anarchy. monarchy anecdote  वक(स  anecdotes published in  वक(स " I love to read anecdotes 'eader's *igest'. anguish  मनव  मनवसक  सक     दन  दन / कष! " I saw him in a state of anguish. animosity  6 towards  6 रभ  रभ " I don't have any animosity towards anyone.

anomaly अस*वत / वन  वनयम  वर%&   वर%& " There are many anomalies in the ta, system. antecedent  प  marriage I would like to know         त'    " 3efore marriage about his antecedent . antipathy  6  6रभ " +he made no attempt to hide her feelings of antipathy towards him. aristocratic artful  -लक   !e played  -लक " !e is %uite an artful devil.  क   शलतप  प     शलत         क  !e an artful trick on her. artice  -लक  -लक' ' " )retending to be ill was her artice. ascendancy  प+ रभ     7     7 / प+ रभ     त     त " !e has the ascendancy over all his main rivals. !e has ascendancy over all others. ascetic  तप('   तप(' / य%*'   य%*' " !e is leading the life of an ascetic. assiduous  श+ रमश'ल  shows that he is an  रमश'ल " !is marksheet shows assiduous boy . !is success was due to his assiduous campaign. assimilate 17मसत  कर 17मसत  करन  न " The numerous concepts have to be assimilated. assuage  श8त  करन  angry son.  करन " The man assuaged his angry astute  -त  -त र  र"  The astute man gave the idea. attrition  सघ9 ण " $4 audacity augment  ब:न   5 ब:न  $" The side job augmented his income. income.  ब:न  5  ब:न $" auspicious  श     भ     भ " They were looking for an auspipcious day to move into their new house. austere  स austere gure.  सद   It was a  सयम' " am was a rather austere  सद  It big house furnished in an austere style. autocratic  वन autocratic leader. leader.  ;क  वन  वनरक    श    श " (n autocratic  वनरक    श    श  न  नत . autonomous avarice  ल%भ " am earned earned money by greed and avarice.  रम  न  न  .  लल-   लल- <   करन "  वह  करन  *+ रहण  करन  सहर  दन $4 rebellion. ethereal  न6सव*क " !er ethereal beauty. Athereal solution. imperious  )?त " ita is an imperious personality. euphemism  म*लभ9' C C क"%र  शKदL  क  (0न  पर  म& र  शKदL  क  प+ रय%* " impervious अभR " $4 ')ass away'is a euphemism for 'die'. impetuous  BदबE " *on't be so Impetuous. evanescent  Bद  वम!  नल' " !is memory is as evanescent implement  )पकरण " Man's earliest implements were carved as a snowake. from stones and bones. e,acerbate impotent  शवतह'न " 9ithout the chairman's support the e,acting committee is impotent. e,alt  पद  य  शवत  ब:न " The poor will be e,alted. impugn  पर  सदह  करन " !e clearly impugned on the matter of partition. fatalist inane  श     8य " *o not speak in an inane manner. अ-त  ock is an fatuous inane. fauna  पश     " 9e must preserve the fauna. iname  प+ रजवलत  करन " !er nasty remarkes inamed my ora  न(पवत " 3y study of fossils the scientists can get temper. information on ora of pre&historic period. ingenuous  सS- " >nly the most ingenuous persons would fecund  फलप+ रद / )पM " This area has fecund soil. believe< today the feeble e,cuses of the corrupt politicians. felicity  )Nम  प+ रकर  स " !e has written the book with great inherent अ8तवन वहत " +inging and dancing are mostly inherent felicity. talents. fervor injunction  वन9&2 " The court issued an injunction against the fetter  ब=' " The thief was put in fetters at the jail. ब&न  I am minister. now free of fetters of the society. delity  (म'भवत " Masses have delity towards their leaders. innate  8मत " am had the innate %ualities of being calm all the time.  >मनदर'  >ne should have delity towards one's partner. innocuous  हवन  न  करन  ल " =rishna's decision to %uit from the  Translation of books should be done with delity to the  job was innocuous. origional. inordinate अ7यव&क " The postal system came to a standstill gurative 1लकवरक " )resident is the gurative head of the due to inordinate delay. organi1ation. (ctual man in power is th e +ectretary of the    4त  न  ह% " *esires are insatiable. insatiable  %  त  organi1ation. insidious  प+ रSA8न  Tप  स " Jealousy is insidious . literal  शवKदक " Diteral reproduction of speech.  न'रस  !is interpretation of the poem was too literal. insinuate  -लक'  भर  सक त  करन " (ntony's friends tried to insinuate by their remarks to win ceaser's favour. nesse  -त     र> " !e deals with di-cult issues with great nesse. insipid  फ'क " +he prepared insipid tea.  क     त     हलह'न  +he presented a insipid performance. agrant  जलत अहलन " !e tries to get things done by    ष! " The soldier was punished for his insolent garant violation of all rules and regulations. insolent &  behaviour. aunt  वद# " !e always aunts his wealth to others. instigate  भ=कन " >pposition leaders instigated the people out अहलन " !e outed the norms set by the society. against the government .    ब  foible  A%!'  -वरवत+ रक  द     लतयG " )eople tolerate her foibles insular अल* &0ल* " Insular attitudes are not good for health. because of her old age.   + र%ह' " +ecurity against insurgent terrorists insurgent  रद  foment  )कसन " The *efamation 3ill fomented journalists to should be provided . take to the streets. integral अवभ8न " +ecurity was beefed up in the integral part forbear  बE 1न " The unhappy teachers forbore from going of the country. on strike. intractable  ह"' " Intractable children should be guided forebear  प           " I don't know the whereabouts of my properly. forebears. intransigent  ह"' " 9e are unable to reach any compromise forgo due to their intransigent nature. forsake  7य*  दन " !e forsook his career to join the freedom intrinsic  म     लभ     त " The Montessari educational system has struggle. intrinsic values. fortuitous 1कव(मक " It was a fortitious meeting . introspective 17मव3ल9' " +ome children are introspective. founder  स(0पक " !e is the founder of the party. inundate  4लवत  करन " They were inundated with en%uiries. ounder अ!कन " !is jeep got oundered in the mud.  घब=   बU  लन  3rashmaputra inundates the vall eys every year.  न  !e ounders whenever asked to do any di-cult work. invective अपद " The opposition let out a stream of frenetic invectives against the ruling party. histrionic अवभनतH  क /अवभनय  क " EF  दवकरन'  न अपन'  inveterate अVय(त " +he is an inveterate musician.  वनर8तर  5 ब र'  'histrionic'5अवभनय  कल $ Aप  AC=' 0' . homily &म      )पदश " EF  ब     Oद  न अपन  'homily'5&म      )पदश $अपन  पवरर  1दतG $ !is inveterated behaviour brought his downfall. irascible  व-=व-= " (n irascible person loses temper on petty  क  ल%*L  क%  भ'  वदय 0 . issues. homogeneous  सत'य " EF 1लस सन    क  N   Duther was not an obscuse monk. obse%uious obtuse  ब अकल / मवतमद " 9hy is so obtuseG$4 o-cious onerous  भर' " !e has to do onerous duties. opa%ue अपरदश'    " The house had opa%ue glass windows. opulent  दCलतम8द " 9e can see oppulent surroundings at the hill view. orthodo,  प+ रमवणक " !er ideas were too orthodo,. ostensible  प+ रक! / प+ र7य " !is ostensible purpose was charity< but his real goal is popularity. ostentatious 1.$बर' " +he dresses in a very ostentatious manner. pacify  शत  करन " I always pacify my mother when she loses temper. painstaking  पवरश+ रमप     ण    " +he completed the painting with painstaking detail.  )सन  पवरश+ रमप     ण      5यCर  स  व-त+ र  क%  प     र  वकय . palliate  कम  करन " Many modern drugs palliate but do not cure illness.  बह     वनक  द>यD  ब'मर'  क  Zल  नह'  करत'  लवकन     त  स' 1&   )स  कम  कर  द त'  ह6 . palpable  (पश     न'य " I don't like his palpable jokes. म     F  )सक  (पश न'य  मEक  पस8द  नह'    @  ह .  स (पष!  !is statement is palpable nonsense.  )सक  वरण  स   ह .    (पष!  वनर0     क  बतG    @ paltry  बह     SA " I don't want to accept this paltry    त 0%=  स / त  amount of money.  त     SA  क  बरबर  क  प6स     @म  ('कर  करन  नह'  -हत' . !e gave a paltry e,cuse for coming late.  )सन  त     SA  (पष!'करण   वदय  दर  स 1न  क  वल; . panacea  स      र%*  नशक ver the years the increment to his increment  ब:त /  तन  resources was slow but steady. indi;erent  त!(0 " +he appeared indi;erent to their su;erings.  त     SA  (s a viewer< I've seen hundreds of lms< good< bad and indi;erent. indigenous  (द श'य / द श " The =angaroo is indigenous to (ustralia.   + र " The country has a large indigent population. indigent  दवरद  indignant  Qष! " +trikers are indignant at what they regard as false accusations. indolent 1लस' " !er husband is indolent.    पल  indulgent  क     " The father gave an indulgent smile to his daughter. अन     क     ल  Det us take an indulge nt view of the play. ine;able अक0न'य " It was ine;able for me to narrate the whole amayana. inept अय%Iय " I have never heard anyone so inept at making speeches. inert अम " Inside the room she saw +ita's inert body on the sofa.    U /अप+ रश$य " !is demands are ine,orable. ine,orable  द  infamous  बदनम " $4 infatuated 1सत " !e is infauted with her. infer अन     मन  करन " (ny one can infer a connection between pan chewing and mouth cancer. imply  क अ0      ह%न " !is silence seemed to imply agreement. innitesimal अवत  स    ,म " $4 irrevocable अपवरत     न'य " The committee passed irrevocable  judgement against the chairman. itinerant  भ+ रमणश'ल " The medical representative is a itinerant worker. itinerary  यत+ रक+ रम " 9e placed the itinery in front of our guests.  judicious  ब द  + व&मन  " 6andhiji was a very judicious person.    ju,tapose  वनक!  र#न " The traditional 6anesh idols are  ju,taposed with computers in pandals. kinetic  *वत " (ll moving bodies have kinetic energy. labyrinth laconic  वमतभ9' " My friend is a loconic person. lament  श%क  प+ रक!  करन " Mere lamenting over corruption is not going to remove it. They lamented as their friend's demise. lampoon  वन8द  करन " !e was lampooned by her friend in front of the whole class. languish  कम  ह%न " The value of gold is languishing. latent  प+ रSA8न " +trong commitment to moral values was latent in 6andhi's political philosophy. अवकवसत  Many a children's latent talent never blossoms because of lack of opportunities. laud  प+ रशस  करन " !e was lauded for his bold stand. legacy  प6वत+ रक  स$पवN " !e got a huge legacy.  पर$पर  मG  प+ र4त  It is a legacy of the past. lethargy अकम     Jयत " The deed has not yet been signed due to his lethargy. levity  वAAलपन " The levity of his remark was a shock to the august assemblage.

libel अपमन & ल#  #अस7य 0" !e has led a libel suit against the newspaper. slander  वमbयपद " amesh started a vicious slander against ahul. litigate  म     कदम  ल.न " !e litigated his brother for a share in the property. lo%uacious  -ल " ( lo%ueacious person. lucid  स     (पष! " ( lucid moment in his madness. ( lucid thinker. lugubrious luminous  -मक'ल " !is luminous career is full of good research. machination  कप!  य%न " Their machinations were %uashed at an early stage. macroeconomic milieu  तरण " *o you need to smoke P pollute the milieu more than it already is. minuscule  बह     त  A%! " It was so minuscule that it couldn't be read even with a magnifying glass. misanthropic  मन/9' " !e has a very misanthropic attitude. mitigate  *$भ'रत  कम  करन " ou would have to mitigate the risks before getting the approval. mollify  शत  करन " Its di-cult to mollify her once she looses her temper. monolithic moribund अ8त  क  कर'ब " ou are really coming to moribund. morose  व-=  वप= / T# " !e has known as a morose person. mortify  लवजत  करन C Cअपमवनत  करन / न'-  वद#न " 9e should not mortify any one. mundane  ससवरक / `वहक " ekha leads a very mundane life. municent  )दर " 7or true personality development we should learn to municent.    वष! " My sister has myopia. myopia  कम  द#न  क'  ब'मर' /अद'घ  द  myriad  बह     त  स " I could see myriads of stars in the clear sky. narcissism 17मम%ह " +ome teenagers su;er from narcissism. nebulous &      D&ल " +he has some nebulous plans for future.    ष! " !e had a nefarious personality. nefarious अवत  द  neologism nihilism nominal  नममत+र  क " The students pay nominal fee in the university. nostalgia  घ!नH क'  यदG " !e had a bout of nostalgia when he went abroad. notorious  क     Pयत " The notorious dacoit )hoolen *evi later turned into a politician. novel  न'न " The computer produced a completely novel proof of a well&known theorem. no,ious  हवनकरक " o,ious chemical wastes. nuance  स    ,म  भद " There were subtle nuances in his poem. obdurate  ह"'ल " Today's yungsters nd their elders obdurate. pathology  र%*  लण  वR " +he has taken up pathology as her major subject. patriarch  क     ल  वपत " The father is generally the patriarch of the family. patrician अवभवतक " !e lives a patrician lifestyle. patroni1e  सरण  करन " +he patroni1es our theatre group. paucity  कम' " The culprit escaped punishment due to paucity of evidences. peccadillo pedantic pedestrian  पद-र' " )edestrian should walk on the footpath. pejorative  वन8द7मक " !e recieved pejorative remarks for his work. penchant  वश9  Qव- " +he has a penchant for buying party gowns. penitent  प3-Nप' " My grandma told me a story about a penitant. pensive  व9Jण " +he looked pensive when she heard the news. peremptory अनवतक+रमण'य " DookO My orders are peremptory.    वN  पनल' " Increasing of mos%uitos is a perennial 1  perennial problem i n our colony.  व-र(0य'  These plants are perennial. perdy  कप! " (ct of perdy will not survive for too long. perfunctory  )7सहह'न " I attended a perfunctory interview last week.

peripatetic  *ह  *ह  घ     मनल " (ncient people were peripatetic. periphery  घर " our school has strong and high periphery. Avery man has a limited political periphery in his life. perjury permeate  मG  c6ल  न " The fragrance of owers permeated through the drawing room. pernicious  हवनकर " +moking is pernicious to health. per%uisite अन     लभ " )er%uisites include the use of company house.  प+ रव&कर  The impeachment of the chief justice is the per%uisite of the president. prere%uisite  प          प " ( degree is a prere%uisite for joining the ).6. course. pertinent  प+ रसव*क " The teacher asked the students to ask pertinent %uestions.   + वIन  कर  दन " The sad news of my friend's accident perturb  )द  has perturbed me greatly. peruse अन     श'लन  करन " 9ould you care to peruse the wine list. pervade  मG  5य4त  ह%न " The smell of owers pervaded our garden. prepossess prerogative  वश9  अव&कर " ( president has the prerogative of pardoning criminals. prevail  प+ र-वलत  ह%न " The system of shaving the hair of widows prevailed in some traditional areas of 9est 3engal.  'त  लन  Much to the suprise of the spectators< the amateur bo,er proved that he could prevail over 3him +ingh< a veteran. pristine 1वदम " >ur country is full of pristine monuments. prodigal  c          ल#-'    " ot a penny was left with him because of being a prodigal man. prodigious 13-यनक " ( prodigious amount of money was spent in building this monument. prodigy  वलण  प+ रवतभ  सप8न  5यवत " 3eing a prodigy uskin 3ond won the national award at a very young age. profane  स सवरक " !e was found guilty of being a profane person. profess  द  करन " !e professed himself as an intellectual.  #     ल 1म  ('कर  करन  +he professed of being his mother. &म      क%  अपनन  )rofessing christianity as a religion was considered as a crime during that period. procient  प+ र'ण " 3ring a procient cook< he prepares delicious food. proigate अप5यय' " o one should be prigate. profound  *हर " Dife of 6andhiji had a profound inuence on the youngsters during the independnece movement. profuse  बह     ल " I gave profuse thanks to her hospitality. proliferate  प+ र-     र  मत+ र  मG  )7प8न  ह%न  य  करन " !igh yielding variety seeds should be used to proliferate the productions in agriculture. prolic  बह     फलदयक " 7armers are now adopting package approach to the prolic harvest. promulgate  घ%व9त  करन " 3irla Tata promulgated the future plan. propensity  F     क " The rich have the propensity to spend on costly items. propitious अनकल   " This is not the propitious time to grow wheat. proponent  प+ र(तक " 6andhiji was the rst proponent of satyagraha. proprietary  मवलकन " The !MT is the sole proprietary of various brand of watches. propriety  मय     द " >ur colonians behave with a mutual propriety. prosaic  न'रस " eema told the interior decorator that she would not prefer a prosaic decoration for her room. proscribe अवभवनव9?  करन " 8sually< the government proscribes some un&licenced drugs. proselyti1e protagonist  नयक " am is the protagonist of amayan. protract    रदश'  provident  द    " Avery brilliant student might have a provident. relin%uish  A%=  दन " ou should relin%uish a bad habit. +he relin%uished possession of the house to her sister. remonstrate 1पवN  करन " 9e remonstrated with the man about his misbehaviour. renaissance

renounce  A%=न " Dord am renounced his claim to the throne of (yodhya.  सब&  त%=न  !e renounced his son as he turned into a criminal. अ('कर  करन  !ow could he renounced his own son and daughter. reparation  न     कसन  भरन " There can be no reparation for so much injustice. repercussion  प+ रवतवक+ रय " !is resignation will have serious repercussion on the sta;. replenish  वफर  स  भरन " Det me replenish your glass.  प     वत     # >&न   क' 0 ou should replenish your car with petrol before starting on a journey. replete  भर & प     र " !er house is replete with all modern    4त  9e felt replete after a tidy meal. comforts.  त  reprehensible  द%9र%पण  करन  य%Iय " !er attitude is most reprehensible. reprisal  बदल " They shot ?.hostages in reprisal. reproach  द%9र%पण " +he heaped reproaches upon her new servent. reprove  फ!करन " !e was reproved for not doing his work properly. repudiate  7य*  करन " !e has repudiated his old friend.  नम   र     करन  +he repudiated a charge against her as it was untrue. re%uisite अपवत " The rm employs the re%uisite number of women. !e lacks the re%uisite e,perience for developing his skill. resolute &'र / सकBपन " !e is a resolute man. respite  वdरम  /1रम " +he toiled whole day without respite. reticent  कम  ब%लन  ल " +he seemed strangely reticent about her childhood. retract  पस  लन " she made a false statement which she later retracted.  पस  लC!न  etract the reverse gear otherwise car will hit the tree. reverberate  *      न " The hall reverberated from the noise of the visitors. revere 1दर  करन " >ur science teacher is reverred by the principal for her e,cellent teaching. rhetoric  5यPयन  वR " )eople are now fed up with empty rhetorics of politicians. rigorous  क=' " The accused got the rigorous imprisonment of seven years. robust  मEब     त " !e is a robust man with full of energy. rogue 1र " !e is a rogue. अव=यल  नर  # घ%= / ह0' 0 !e is a rogue elephant< that is why he is kept apart from others. rudimentary  प+ ररव$भक " I have only a rudimentary knowledge of 7rench. In india there are villages with rudimentary sanitation. +ome dinosaurs had only rudimentary teeth. ruminate rustic solvent अपन  eण  -     कन  मG  सम0    " ou should give money to a   + र5य  9ater is a solvent person. अपन  मG  घ     लन  क' मत  र#न  ल  द  universal solvent. insolvent  वदवलय " am helped his insolvent friend by clearing his debts.   + रनक " !e is taking a soporic drug for his soporic  वनद  disease. sordid  *द " That village is a sordid one. spawn  लJ.क " ( sh lays its spawns in deep waters. specious  स7यभस' " *on't misguide me by such specious argument. sporadic  वA!  प !"  +poradic bloody incidents are very usual during elections. spurious s%uander stagnation static  वन3-ल " othing< which is static< can develop.    :वन3-य' " 3rahmins in !indu society is usually staunch  द  staunch. steadfast  व(0र / व(0र " +teadfast love of god never ceases. stigmati1e  कलक  ल*न " )eople stigmati1e the relation between boys and girls. stipulate  सCद  तय  करन " The money lander stipulated that the money should be returned with in ve months. stoic  सहनश'ल  5यवत " Mahesh is a stoic who never complains of his pain. stratum  परत  सम  क  ;क  *    / MD->  य  *हर>  मG  5यत त+ र " obody can be debarred of fundamental rights because of his/her stratum.

   1ल%-न " >ne should avoid strictures on other stricture  क!  people.  5यहर  क%  वनयव8त+ रत  करनल  वनयम  !indu religion strictures against eating cow meat. strife  वर%& " *owry is the major cause of strife in many marriages. stringent  सPत " >ur country is passing through stringent economic conditions.  कव"न 1व0क  हलत  +traingent measures should be used to enforce discipline of our school. stymie  ब&;D  .लन " Their plans to open a new shop have been stymied by lack of funds. subjugate अ&'न  करन " !e has subjugated his party member. sublime subordinate insubordinate अ2कर' " ama killed the insubordinate avana.    ष! 1&रल " Make substantive ideas regarding substantive  प  to start our business. subtle  स    ,म " !er mind is very subtle. tirade  वनद7मक  बतG  य  वनद7मक  प+ रब8& " The opposition party gave a long tirade against the government. touchstone  कसC!' " $4 tout  दलल " ( tout collects more money. transcend  स  बUकर  ह%न " It transcedents human knowledge. transgress अवतक+रमण  करन " !e trangressed all boundaries of decent behavior by abusing her in public. transient अवन7य " The ephemeral pleasures are transient. transitory अवन7य " !appiness is transitory. trepidation  घबरह! " !e waited for his e,am results with trepidation. intrepid  वनभ     य " *arwin was an intrepid e,plorer. turpitude ubi%uitous unconscionable अ7य8त / बह     त " I take unconscionable time to take bath.    कर " !e speaks in an unctuous tone. unctuous  दभ' / -!  uniform  ;कसमन " >ne can see uniform tall white buildings on M6 street. unremitting  वबन  Qक    ह 1"  +he gave an unremitting dance performance for [email protected] hrs. unwitting अनन / ब #बर /अ2न " an unwitting subject in an e,periment$4 urbane  वशष! / भल / श'लन " !e is an urbane man. usurp  दब  ल / दब  ब6" /अ8यय  स  ल  ल / A'न  ल " The minister usurped the king's throne. utilitarian  )पय%*  सब&' " +he got some utilitarian steel tables  (0' !e is smart but utilitarian in nature. utopia 1दश    & रजय " )ractically< 8topia is impossible. vacillate  वन3-य  न  कर  पन " To vacillate and delay decisions are not a good practice$4 vapid  न'रस " +he did not take part in the vapid conversation$4 vehement  प+ रबल " !e was %uite vehement in his belief. venal  वर3त  स  प+ रभवत " !e is a venal politician$4 venerate 1दर  करन " 9e have to venerate the elders$4 veracity  सS-> " !arishchandra is known for his veracity$4 verbose verisimilitude  स7य  क 1भस " The mirage is a verisimilitude$4 vernacular  दश'  भ9  क " They are running a vernacular press$4 vestige  पदक"  The vestige of the remains of the *waraka is noteworthy$4 ve,  *     (स  करन  5 ह%न $" Their lies would ve, anyone. व-व8तत  ह%न  !er failures ve,ed him. viable  करन  य%Iय " 2hanakya adopted viable plans to please the king  'न  य%Iय  Biable >rganisms are prone to bacteria$4 vicarious  प+ रवतवनव&Tप " !e got a vicarious pleasure$4 vicissitude  )तर  -: " *eal with the vicissitudes of life calmly$4 vilify अपद  करन " $4 vindicate  8यय  वस?  ह%न  5 करन $" !e was vindicated by the court. vindictive  बदल  लनल " !e is very vindictive$4 virtuoso  *     ण'  कलकर " !e is a virtuoso of +arod$4 virulent  व9मय " ( virulent strain of Japanese enscephlitis has spread in parts of (). visionary  कवBपत " 3ill 6ates has the visionary insights in the eld of technology$4    व9त  करन " The %uarry has vitiated the environment$4 vitiate  द 

    भ9ण " The master had a vitriolic talk with the vitriolic अवत  क!  servant$4 vocation  5यसय " !e has teaching as his vocation$4 vociferous  श%र*     लप     ण    " The meeting was vociferous. volatile volition  ZSA  शवत " +he married him entirely of her own volition$4 wanton  --ल " !is work is pending due to his wanton behaviour$4 willful wistful  )दस " aksha was wistful and dreamt of his beloved. adverse  प+ रवतक     ल " A,cess of e,ercise had an adverse e;ect on his health. aesthetic  स_दय      पर# " !is house is very beautiful because he has a good sense of aestheticr.  स_दय     प+ र म'  !e is a very aesthetic person.  स     Qव-प     ण     +he makes very aesthetic designs using her computer. a;able  वमलनसर / सश'ल " I found your parents very a;able unlike what you told me. a;ectation  बन!'  बत " !e was highly irritated by her many a;ectation. a-nity  स$ब8& " I share a special a-nity with her.    ? /&न' " There's is an aQuent society and I cannot aQuent  सम  adjust with them. agenda  करन  ल'  कय     ह' " The environment issue is high on the political agenda at the moment. agrarian  भ     वम  व9यक " (fter the 6reen evolution agrarian laws in the country has undergone tremendous change. aggregate  क     ल " The aggregate prot and loss of the company will be known soon. congregate  ;कत+ र  ह%न " +tudents congregated in the hall for morning prayer.    0क  करन " They segregated the seriously sick and segregate  प  sent them to the intensive care. integrate  ;क'करण  करन " The students of this school integrate immediately< despite their di;erent backgrounds. agnostic alacrity  त7परत " +he accepted his proposal with alacrity. allege  वबन  सब     त  क 1र%प  ल*न " !e alleged that he was not the culprit in the crime. alleviate  कम  करन " The govt. has introduced schemes to alleviate poverty. allocate  वन&वरत  करन " The govt.has allocated pensions for the retired.  बD!न  The govt. has allocated funds for the project. alloy  वमश+ र&त " 3rass is an alloy. antithesis  वपर'त " ich is the antithesis of poor. apartheid  र* & भद / 3 तद " +outh (frica has a history of long struggle against aparthied. apathy  )दस'नत " There is certain apathy about the economic condition among the public. aphorism  स     त+ र " (phorisms contain general truth. apocalypse apocryphal अप+ रमवणक " Most of the stories about his life are probably apocryphal.

apotheosis appease  सत    करन " +hop keepers try their best to appease    ष!  their customer. The owner appeased his workers by granting them bonus. appreciate  सरह  न " >nly good manners are appreciated. depreciate  म Bय  घ!न " The value of rupee has depreciated over the last few months. apprehensive 1शवकत " I feel very apprehensive about tomorrow's match. misapprehension  भ+ रम " There is no cure of misapprehension in any stream of medicine. approbation  म   र'    /अन     म%दन " The approbation committee passed the bill willingly. appropriate  )व-त " The alliance will be declared at an appropriate time. misappropriate  *बन  करन " !e was apprehended before he could misappropriate any money. e,propriate aptitude अवभमत " !e has a great aptitude for computers. arbiter  वनण यक / प- " The chairman is the full edged arbiter in settling the disputes . arbitrate  मOय(0त  करन / प-  फ6सल  दन / वनण     य  करन " In anciant India judicial cases were arbitrated by the village elders . arbitrary  मनमन " The arbitrary nominations by the party chief were widely criticised by the members. arcane archaic  प रतन " 'Thee' is an archaic form of you. archetype 1&रTप " This painting is an archetype of the impressionists. ardent  )7क! " =ing (shoka was the ardent follower of buddhishm . arduous  श+ रमसOय " 7rom Joshimath to 3adrinath is %uite an arduous journey. belabor beleaguer belie  F     "  करन " The lawyer belied the guilty. belittle  A%!  करन " The rich 1amindar belittled the farmer by insulting him before the )anchayat. belligerent  य     ?कर' " !e is %uite belligerent. wanton  --ल " !is work is pending due to his wanton behaviour$4 willful wistful  )दस " aksha was wistful and dreamt of his beloved. address  पत " 3etter note down my address so that we can communicate easily.  भ9ण  The president gave a very inspiring address. adherent  पलन  कत    /अन     -र " The opposition in the )arliament is gaining adherents. admonish  स&रण  - तन'  दन " +he had to be fre%uently admonished for not paying attention to work.  *$भ'रत  स  सलह   दन  !e was admonished to open a bank account for himself. adulterate  वमल!  कर " 8nscrupelous merchants do not hesitate to adulterate even baby food.

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