TMF Frameworx 12.5 Overview

February 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Documents
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TM Forum Frameworx 12.5


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TM Forum Frameworx 12.5 Release  As service providers providers around the globe face increasing competition, they are looking for ways ways to streamline streamline their businesses, maintain margins, and reduce time-to-market for scalable digital services. Now more than ever, they are using TM Forum’s Frameworx suite of best practices and standards as standard blueprint for optimizing business operations to improve efciency and grow revenues. Service providers who use Frameworx simplify their architecture, ease integration efforts, reduce costs and risks and ensure they have a exible and agile platform to enable the rapid design, deployment and monetization of services. In fact, in the recently completed FrameFrameworx Adoption Survey, Survey, 83 percent of all respondents said that Frameworx plays an important role in enabling the deployment of new services and 66 percent said Frameworx is important for delivering digital services. How Was Frameworx 12.5 Developed? Frameworx 12.5 was worked on by more than 200 people from 118 companies who who collaborated on 45 projects to create more than 60 new features and deliverables in key operational competency areas such as cyber security security,, customer experience, revenue management, product lifecycle management and more. What Will Frameworx 12.5 Help You Do? The 12.5 release focuses on four key drivers among TM Forum members and the industry: •

Implement and manage digital services

Measure business and operational performance

Reduce risk across the enterprise

Strengthen IT and operational foundations

What Are the New Features? See the ip side of this page for a full features list for Frameworx 12.5. Visit to learn more about the release and download all deliverables. To see how leading service providers have used Frameworx to support their ability to capitalize on today’s market opportunities download the latest case study handbook at

The following table provides a full list of the features including in the Frameworx 12.5 release. Visit to access and download the deliverables. Core Frameworks Features Business Process Framework 12.5 Customer Relationship Management ows, ITIL linkages and Supplier/Partner Enhancements Information Framework 12.5 Unied Catalog model, security vulnerability scoring, performance management and Supplier/Partner updates Application Framework 12.5 Users Guide; updates to several “Customer” areas plus Sales and Marketing Integration Framework Focus on model federation Standardized Interfaces Performance and Inventory interfaces, Generic Query and Update capabilities, updates to MTOSI for GPON, a Simple Management API and more

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