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SNMPWEBCARD is preinstalled in Tripp Lite switched PDUs. oxygen or nitrous ... and Password Default Value Obtain via DHC...


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User’s Guide

   i    t   w   g    r  e   n  c  e  —  w  w   a    t   c   h  d  u  c   o   p  r

SNMPWEBCARD Firmware Version Version 12.04.0048 / 12.04.0049 / 12.04.0051

1. Introduction


1.1 System Requirements


2. Installation and Confguration


2.1 Deault UPS System Shutdown Setting


2.2 Other Deault Settings


2.3 SNMP Confguration


3. Web Console


3.1 Opening the Web Console


3.2 Web Console Interace


3.3 Status


3.4 Actions > Control


3.5 Actions > Loads


3.6 Settings > Device


3.7 Settings > Events


3.8 Settings > Contacts


3.9 Settings > Network 


3.10 Settings > System


3.11 Logs > Events


3.12 Logs > Data


3.13 Help


4. Telnet/SSH Console


5. Load Ramping and Shedding


6. Troubleshooting


Suppor t 7. Technical Support


 Documentation Notice: This User’s Guide is a supplement to the printed manual that came with your SNMPWEBCARD or network-enabled PDU. Refer to the printed manual   for instructions on hardware installation and basic conguration, including IP address assignment. If you have misplaced your printed manual, refer to the electronic version included on the bundled CD-ROM or download it at

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1. Introduction SNMPWEBCARD is an optional network card that you can install in the accessory slot of a compatible UPS systems or PDU*. SNMPWEBCARD connects your UPS system or PDU to your Ethernet network as a manageable device that supports remote monitoring, remote control and remote condition reporting. You can manage the device from a PowerAlert network management software, SNMP Network Management Station, Web browser  or telnet program, allowing you to reboot, control outlets, shed nonessential loads, monitor load levels and more. The SNMPWEBCARD can also send SNMP traps or e-mail messages to the addresses you specify, alerting you automatically to events such as power failures. * SNMPWEBCARD is preinstalled in Tripp Lite switched PDUs, which can be identied by the presence of “NET” in the model name.

1.1 System Requirements • Tripp Lite UPS system or PDU with compatible accessory slot • Ethernet network that supports the TCP/IP protocol • One of the following options for remote monitoring and control: • PowerAlert network management software • SNMP-based Network Management Station (such as HP® OpenView ®) • Web browser that supports frames, forms and Java™ (such as Microsoft ® Internet Explorer ® 7.0 or later) • Standard telnet program • For “Terminal Mode” conguration only: • Terminal emulation software program (such as HyperTerminal) • Computer with available DB9 serial port Warning: Use of this equipment in life support applications where failure of this equipment can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of the life support equipment or to signicantly affect its safety or effectiveness is not recommended. Do not use this equipment in the presence of a ammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide.

2. Installation and Confguration For instructions on hardware installation and basic conguration, refer to the printed manual that came with your SNMPWEBCARD or switched PDU. The manual can also be found on the bundled CD-ROM or downloaded from

2.1 Deault UPS System Shutdown Settings A

During a power failure, SNMPWEBCARD is pre-congured to shut down the UPS system two minutes after receiving a low battery signal. This allows the UPS system to provide the maximum available runtime to connected equipment. If you want to change the default setting, follow these instructions and refer to Figure 2-1:




1. Use a Web browser to open the PowerAlert console window for  your SNMPWEBCARD (see 3.1 Opening the Web Console for  instructions).


2. Click the “Settings” button A at the top of the window. 3. Click the “Events” button B at the left side of the window. 4. Conrm that the “Battery Low” C in the “Shutdown” D column is checked. 5. Click the Details Tab E or double-click on the settings.

icon to access G

6. From the Details page F , choose your preferred settings from the Settings drop down menu G and click the “Save Changes” button H.




 Figure 2-1: UPS System Shutdown Settings

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