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4, e!entance - one +ho has a chan%e of heart and +ishes to re!ort a crime that is !reyin% on his conscience, 5, 'ratitude or 'ain - an e!ression of a!!reciation to obtain a !riile%e or an interest in the +elfare of his family durin% his detention, ", een%e - to settle a %rud%e due to settle a !reious inury, >, $ealousy - enious of the accom!lishments or !ossessions of  another and +ishes to humiliate him, @, emuneration - a !erson +ho informs solely for the !ecuniary or other material %ain he is to receie, !normers - refers to any !erson +ho !roides information to the a%ents in a re%ular basis re%ardin% a subect* they are !aid either on a re%ular or case to case basis, !ntelligence - the or%ani/ed effort to collect information* to assist it Aittle by little* and !iece it to%ether until it forms lar%er and clear !attern, intelli%ence as an actiity - the end !roduct resultin% from the collection* ealuation* analysis* inte%ration and inter!retation of all aailable information +hich may hae immediate or !otential si%nificance to the deelo!ment and eecution of !lan* !olicies and !ro%rams of the user,intelli%ence as a !roduct - an institution com!osed of !erson +ho !re!ares a !lan or formulatin% !olicies,intelli%ence as an institution !ntelligence (ycle 1, Plannin% 2, Collection 3, Processin% 4, Dissemination


Plannin% - the intelli%ence officer must hae a thorou%h (no+led%e of the aailable sources of information* the collectin% a%encies and ty!e of information the latter can !roide, Collection - the intelli%ence officer must hae thorou%h (no+led%e of the aailable sources of information and

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