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Teaching receptive skills (reading or listening. ) This structure works for any reading or listening text. It aims to en...


Teaching receptive skills (reading or listening) This structure works for any reading or listening text. It aims to engage students, and to ensure they understand the text in detail. To make sure this happens they need to do quite a lot before they ever see or listen to the text.

Aim: Students listen or read for main ideas and detailed understanding

Level: All

Time: 60 mins


Anticipated problems and solutions:

This is what students can do already – e.g. they know most of the vocabulary on this topic.

This is what you think students will have trouble with and what you will do to help them e.g. they may not know a key word in the text, so you will teach it before they read.

Main Stages


Sample Activities (Just choose one or two at each stage)

Pre- text

Introduce the topic (lead  Students look at pictures related to the topic, in) and discuss / brainstorm what they know.

Aim: Students are interested and ready to listen or read.

Aim: Students are interested in the topic.

Time: 10 minutes

 Students discuss questions related to the topic.  Students create a mind map related to the topic.  Students see a headline and visuals from the text, and predict what it will say.

Introduce the text

 Show students the source of the text e.g. hold up the newspaper where the article is Aim: Students now where from. the text comes from. Pre-teach vocabulary Aim: Students know the vocabulary they will need to complete the listening / reading activities.


Listening / Reading for

 Teach students words they need.  Students look up the words and teach each other.

 Give a simple question – Is it about X or Y?

main idea Aim: Students achieve a detailed understanding of the text.

Aim: Students understand the main ideas in the text.

 Tick the topics you hear.  Sequence the topics you hear.  Match a topic to each paragraph Give students a time limit for a reading text.

Time: 40 minutes Listening / Reading for detail Aim: Students understand the text in detail.

 Short answer questions.  True / false questions.  Multiple choice questions.  Matching halves of statements.  Completing a table.  Students write questions for each other.  Underlining a feature of the text e.g. numbers and working out what they mean.  Correcting a summary. There could be several activities as long as they become more detailed.

Analysing language

Aim: Students learn and practice language naturally occurring in the text.

 

Post text Aim: Students respond to ideas in the text. Time: 10 minutes

Have students underline certain language in a reading text. With a listening text, ask students,”What do they say exactly about ‘x’?” and play one section of the recording several times. Analyse the meaning, structure and pronunciation. Give students a practice activity.

 Students discuss their reactions to the text e.g. what they liked, whether they agreed.  Students role play characters from the text.  Students write a response to the text. (There could be several activities as long as they are free practice activities)

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