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HP Logger components HW license SW license HP ARST Logger 5 GB/day SW (Base) H7P28AAE HP ARST Logger add-on 5 GB/day SW ...


HP Logger 6 Trust the leader in Security-to collect, manage, and secure logs from any source Product Positioning Highlights

Confidentiality Notice •

The information contained in this presentation is proprietary to HewlettPackard Company and is offered in confidence, subject to the terms and conditions of a Confidential Disclosure Agreement

HP makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of this information. HP does not warrant or represent that it will introduce any product to which the information relates. It is presented for evaluation by the recipient and to assist HP in defining product direction

1. What is HP Logger 6.0? Leading cohesive log management tool to index and analyze all security events







Collect machine data from almost any device such as Firewall, IPS, anti-virus, etc.

Normalize disparate types of data

Enrich data from various vendors and devices into an industry standardcommon event format

Store Years’ worth of logs and events through a high compression ratio of up to 10:1

Search using full text on enriched data for forensics with no domain expertise

Reports & Dashboards of log analytics on compliance, security, and operational intelligence

The NEW Logger brings the best price/ performance Handle 8x more data @ 10x higher performance – Best log management EVER! What’s NEW? •

Logger 6.0 with NEW web 2.0 interface

Indexed data volume doubled to 8 TB (up to 80 TB uncompressed)

Why Choose Logger? •

Peer up to 20 instances of Logger to increase data capacity by 8x and performance by 10x Ultra-fast forensic investigation: Search 1.6 PB of data in seconds

Customer Benefits Make intelligent decisions quickly through contextual forensic investigation

Most competitive log management solution with the best price to performance in the market

Roughly costs about $100 per TB of data to collect, store, and analyze

Store years’ worth of machine data at the lowest cost per TB

Scales easily to collect, store, and analyze 1.6 PB

Predictable pricing for scalability

Static correlation adds advanced features of threat management and security to Logger

2. Why do you need log management? Cost of data breaches keep business leaders up at night!* Cost Per Incident

Costs $5.4 million, taking 243 days to detect and 24 days to respond to a single data breach*


Prevent data breach

Big data

Automate audits & compliance reports by up to 90%

97% of data breaches could be prevented through simple controls such as log management #

Unify data from any source into a simple enriched format for ease of searching & reporting

Big Data

Big Money

Compliance needs growing globally as government mandates requiring data privacy protections Source: *2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, Ponemon Institute, May 2013, US Data #Verizon’s Data breach investigation report 2012 -2014

3. HP Logger components HW license

SW license HP ARST Logger 5 GB/day SW (Base)


HP ARST Logger add-on 5 GB/day SW

H7P29AAE L3505 (30 Gb/day) L7505 S (80 Gb/day) L7505 X (160 Gb/day)

Requirement New customers (SW)

Existing users on 5.5

New customers (HW)

5 Gb/ day

1 SKU of Base

1 SKU of Add-on


40 Gb/day

1 SKU of Base + 7 SKU of Add-on

8 SKU of Add-on

L3505 + 2 SKU of Add-on

100 Gb/ day

1 SKU of Base + 19 SKU of Add-on

20 SKU of Add-on

L7505 s + 4 SKU of Add-on

4. Key Features Collect, store, and analyze machine data/ logs from security devices Target market •

Customer Benefits

Financial, Healthcare, Government, Energy, Retail, Internet Mid-market with 500 to 5000 employees Has/ buying Firewall/ IPS/ anti-virus/ DLP/ IDS/ servers Exhibit compliance and regulation

Security analytics •

Firewall/ IPS/ anti-virus event log analytics Log management for security events Unify security events across IT Combat APTs, insider threat, malware, zero-day attacks

• • • • •

Cost effective Automated compliance Pre-built audit reports and dashboards Continuous monitoring

Big Data

Simplified deployment

Compliance •

Cost competitive/Performance leaders/Ease of use Less compliance audits = More profit to the bottom line Connectors to TOP security devices/ solutions 50% faster identification of security incidents Collect, store, and analyze 10x more data

Install & configure in minutes

Built-in reports and Maximum performance Leading storage Maximum performance Leading storage •


Content for most security device types are pre-built

Collect any data from any device, anytime Unify bignetworking data into a Flexible Flexible networking single enriched data format Enterprise-class management

Scale easily through license key •

Real-time, cross-device correlation of security events Store big data with limited budget!

Meets or exceeds Benefit

5. HP Logger Competition

Limited benefit or capabilities

Enterprise capabilities in most competitive pricing Benefit

HP ArcSight



Does not support this benefit




Real-Time Visibility Threat Intelligence Compliance Applications and User Monitoring Event Collection & Integrations Pricing & deployment cost *based on a composite of Gartner & web research

Regulatory Compliance “Check the box with confidence!” • Regulations have been around for years… and they are growing! • The Auditors are coming… the auditors are coming −

Regulatory Compliance has put a target on IT and we need to be able to answer the Auditors questions… timely and correctly

• Existing Regulations are evolving −

PCI-DSS v3.0

PCI Council Special Interest Group (SIG) Projects for CY2015 • Daily Log Monitoring: Guidance on Effective Daily Log Monitoring  • Shared Responsibilities: Guidance on Determining Shared Responsibilities  for Entities and Third Party Service Providers

• New Regulations/Legislation are coming… −

Cyber security Framework

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (HR-624)

Cyber Information Sharing Act

HP Logger Channel Resources Solution offering is sold direct and through authorized channel partners •

HP Software Partner Support Center: https://h20229.www2.hp.com/partner/protected/a llpartners/support.html Self-help: https://h20229.www2.hp.com/partner/selfhelp/se lfhelp-tool.html

Deal Registration: hp-esp.force.com/partners Partner Central www.hp.com/partners/arcsight •

Sales enablement tools and training

Customer facing material/datasheet

Demand generation tools/assets

Marketing materials, datasheets, whitepapers

Regional pricing guides

Channel Programs and Promotions: Contact your ESP •

Questions & Partner helpline: [email protected]

Partner Business Manager or regional HP sales rep

Demo options/POC available

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