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Subject: integrated science Class: 8F Topic: Healthy living Sub-topic: Biuret test for protein Objectives: To test for the presence of protein in different food groups To observe and record changes that occurs during experiment To identify which food contains proteins A variety of solutions to test: • cornstarch (mixed with water) • milk • chicken broth • wheat flour (mixed with water) • orange juice • water • vinegar • unsweetened powdered lemonade (mixed with water) Content: Proteins are important for many processes within living things. They contribute to the overall structure of a cell such as muscle cells, to binding to specific molecules such as the protein hemoglobin that binds to oxygen, and to catalyzing chemical reactions in the cell through proteins known as enzymes. Proteins are composed of building blocks known as amino acids. There are 20 total amino acids. Proteins are long chains of amino acids. The length of the chain and the precise sequence of the amino acids in the chain determines what the protein can do. The Biuret test is a simple test for the presence of proteins. Biuret solution is a blue solution that will react with proteins to make a pink-purple color. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Set up test tube racks with 4 test tubes per rack Set out test solutions and beakers Set out eyedroppers Set out labeling tape and permanent markers

Lesson Plan 1. The class will begin with a discussion of food and the food groups. Each of the major organic molecules can be correlated to different classes of foods (protein = meat and beans group, simple sugars (glucose and fructose) = sweets and fruit groups, complex carbohydrates (starch) = grains group, lipids = fats group). Allow this discussion to lead into the idea that all food items are made up of building block organic molecules. Food

2. 3. 4. 5.

items were all once alive. Therefore, all living things are made up of these same building blocks that our food is made of. Pass out the student lab handouts. Describe the activity to your students. Each student will test solutions at 3 different stations. Show students any special procedures, such as how to prepare the hot water bath. Answer any questions. Allow students 5 minutes to gather their materials and then 10-15 minutes at each test station. Help groups that are having difficulty. When all testing is complete and teams have cleaned up, a master table will be created on the board like the one below to collect all the teams results for all the different tests.

Protein test Chicken broth Wheat flour Orange juice Water Rubbing alcohol Diluted dish soap Vinegar Fish tank water or pond water Unsweetened powdered lemonade

Assessment 1. Collect student notebooks with data tables and conclusion questions.

Discussion: Biuret reagent is a mixture of sodium …………….. and copper ………….. . It is the copper sulfate that gives the Biuret reagent its blue colour. Proteins are essential to us because we use them for gr……… of new bones skin etc. and the re…….. of damaged tissue. Your body also uses proteins to control the chemical reactions in our body and can also be used as an energy source. Some common examples of protein foods include mi…, f……, m….. eggs and seeds.


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