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FIELD STUDY1: The learner's Development and Environment. EPISODE 1 .... In the future, how can you accomplish your answe...


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment 



At the end of this activity, you will be competent in determining a school environment that provides social, psychological, and physical environment supportive of learning.

CATIMBANG, SARAH MAY C B.S.Education-34 Victorino Mapa (VMAPA) High School


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment 

SCHOOL FACILITIES CHECKLIST Familiarize youself with the different areas and facilities of the school. Check the column to indicate  their availability. availability. Give a brief brief description description of those that are are available available on the last column.




Office of the Pricipal

DESCRIPTION The Principal’s Office is well manage, clean and orderliness The library is well manage, the library books are in proper order in the cabinet rack. The Counseling Room is in good condition with proper ventilation The school Canteen is always clean and managened well. The medical clinic is well manage by efficient nurse and school doctor it is also spacious but orderly and clean

Library Counseling Room Canteen/Caferetia Canteen/Caferetia Medical Clinic  Audio Visual/Media Visual/Media Center  Reading Center  Speech Laboratory Science Laboratory Gymnasium

Their Gymnasium is neat and well  facilitate by the the p.e teacher’s. Their Auditorium Auditorium Hall is maintaining maintaining clean clean and nwell ventilated facility. Their home economics have spacious room with different furniture’s Their T.L.E room is well condition room with some computer rooms which benefit the student most. Their PTCA Office room is in proper order  and has a clean facility. Which properly maintain by the PTA president. Their comfort room is clean and complete  facilities, enough water and electricity. Their comfort room is clean and complete  facilities, enough water and electricity.

 Auditorium Home Economics Room Industrial Workshop Area PTA Office Comfort Room for   Boys Comfort Room for  Girls


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment 

OBSERVATION FOR THE SCHOOL VISIT The school is located in good surrounding even thou it also one of   the oldest school in Manila now a days. Victorino Mapa High School is also one of the pilot school which known for upholding the culture of  excellence for their students. The school school has two two main building; the new building for the freshmen and sophomores student whiles the old building use by the junior and senior students. While I am in the school premises, I observe that there school facilities is well maintain and in orderliness. The walls are painted in colorful murals of beautiful scenery. Their garden school surrounding has colorful ornament plants and herbs, which he Principal’s Office is clean and has  properly maintained maintained by gardeners. T he

a good ambiance for their special visitors. While walking in the school corridors, I observe the students who by stand waiting for their next classes. Their library is clean and has a proper arrangement of books in  the cabinet rack with a Dewey decimal system of arranging the books.  After I observe the library I also go to their canteen and cafeteria where I saw the students eating, drinking, and chatting with their friends, and etc. in some part of their canteen some garbage where not properly dispose by the indolence students. But as a whole I observe that their canteen is  properly maintained by the school nutritionist nutritionist and helpers to maintain  the cleanliness and orderliness of the canteen. In their Guidance Office,  the school guidance counselors do her job properly in guiding their  students if there are problems that been encounter, this room is also have a good ambiance and orderliness.



DESCRIPTION (Location, Number, arrangement, condition)

1.) Wall Display

Some of there corridors have murals of beautiful scenery, while entering the science room I observe the pictures of different body system; namely digestive, circulatory, excretory, etc.  there walls have different charts of body parts with functions and a table of elements, it arrange in proper arrangement and it is in good condition.

2.) Teacher’s Table

The teacher’s table is located in front of the student in the classroom, as the teacher arrives  the room she clean first her table and maintain  the orderliness of her things. There are two(2)  tables in the classroom the two tables are in  front. These tables are in proper arrangement and in good condition.


Learner’s Desk

There is forty five (45) learner’s table which located in the middle of the classroom facing  the teacher’s table. The chairs are group in five rows with nine desks in each row. I observe that chairs there are many writing in the desk, vandal post and drawing which makes look like a messy desk.



There is three classroom blackboard is slightly clean because there are some chalk mess. But  their blackboard can use magnet for posting charts, pictures and organizers which benefit both teacher and student most.


Learning Visual Aids

Materials/ The teacher has visual aids to help her student assessment. There are many visual aids in the cabinet of the teacher there are also television and dvd to watch special videos that is related to  their topic.


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment  MY ANALYSIS >> >> How do the school campus and the classroom in particular impact on the learning of the student  going to school? What are your conclusions? conclusions? The school campus and the classroom has a huge impact on student learning assessment assessment because the school are the place to learn and discover the things that they must know for them to have a better   future, because the teachers are the one who will guide there students in proper manner and right conduct to be a good citizen of our country. That is why the school is the one most important department in the country because the children are our future. ^_^

>> How this does relate to your knowledge of child and adolescent development/ how does this related to your knowledge of facilitating learning? The school environment is related to the student’s performance in school. Because if the school is child  friendly surrounding surrounding the student will will motivate to study study hard and perform well in school, school, if this will happen the child is on the right tract for better future. Education is the key to get out the bandage of  ignorance and the way to success in life. The teacher must also be enthusiast in her job to teach her  student fairly and facilitate them in their study.


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment  MY REFLECTIONS 1.)

Wo uld you like to teach in the school environment you just observe? Why? Why not? Yes, because V.Mapa High School is a good performing schools in division city schools of  Manila. Other than that, the school facilities is well maintained, the orderliness and the ambiance of the classroom is adorable, the classrooms are in good condition which motivates both learner and teacher assessment of learning.

2.) What kind of school campus is conducive to learning?  A school campus which said to be conducive to learning is the school campus with a good  facilities, well maintain libraries where the student assess different kind of books to discover things by the themselves, classrooms where the student learn something to their   teacher which help them to internalize internalize what they have learned. The classroom is the one most important facility facility in a school because it is the place where the learners learn to the teacher for   them to value and also teacher learns from their student. A school must also have a good ambiance for child friendly school to motivate the learner effectively.

3.) What kind of classroom is conducive to learning?  A classroom which is said to be conducive to learning is a classroom with complete books and charts which molds the students learning process. By using mock learning devices in learning the different body systems in a biology class. The classroom which has effective  teacher to teach teach their student student in what what they must learn.

4.) In the future, how can you accomplish your answer in number 3? If I have a chance to accomplish my answer in number three. I will sure that my students must learn something on me that will help them in there daily life. They must internalize each lesson by conducting enjoyable activities that will enhance their learning process, I will also use colorful and catchy graphic organizer, charts, mock, and visual aids to catch their  attention.


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment 

MY PERSONAL ILLUSTRATION OF AN EFFECTIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT The environment that a student is thrust into is an aggressive aspect of the learning  process. A student student is expected expected to learn in and from their school environment. This This environment is an important part of a student’s life, as they are an active participant participant

in this environment for most most of their life. this environment is more more difficult to adjust  to than it is is a positive stimulation stimulation to to learning. In order order for schools to change change the  failing rates for students, students, the environment needs to be critically critically assessed. assessed. Students are not simply not learning and this perpetuates a lack of achievement that will only hinder the academic and personal growth of each student. This dilemma is marked y the importance of an academically rich environment in school. To achieve such an environment, teachers and students must be able to vigorously synchronize learning goals. Students must be fully prepared to receive information while also having support with how to manage m anage this information. Because not every student learns identically, attention attention needs to be paid to each student and their unique way of  learning. The students should also have understanding understanding of their learning style and how to implement this style within the classroom. A student’s shortcomings shortcomings should

be sensitively challenged and their talented attributes attributes should have the ability to steadily progress and shine throughout the brain-based learning process. Overall, understanding that a student’s surroundings manipulate the learning process will

help schools to prevent any inhabitants from affecting brain-based learning to ensue 7

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