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This paper will reveal themes and words in a way that people can better understand The Road Not Taken. As mentioned befo...


Sihotang 1 Joshua Sihotang Professor Ritivou College English 1 March 2015 The Road Not Taken Taken The oe! "eing resented throughout this aer is The Road Not Taken "# Taken  "# Ro"ert $rost% This oe! is a "eautiful oe! that "reaks do&n the e'eriences of !aking decisions d ecisions and leaves the audience &ith confidence &hen decisions are are "eing !ade% This aer &ill reveal the!es and &ords in a &a# that eole can "etter understand The Road Not Taken. (s !entioned "efore) there is a the!e the !e of decision*!aking found in this oe!% The vast !a+orit# of eole that read this oe! "elieve that one road &as not as &alked uon as the other) although the oe! rights that "oth trails trails &ere +ust as fair% fair% ,n realit# it is not that there onl# is one road that a erson can take and if the# !iss that road life &ill never reach its fullest  otential% Ro"ert-s oe! is ironic in the fact that it states that the road road less taken &as &alked uon "ut in realit# "oth roads &ere &orn e.uall#% ,t see!s that &hatever road the erson &ent do&n uon) the# clai!ed it to "e the road less taken% The erson going do&n the so called road less taken clearl# does not kno& ho& life &ould have "een if the# took the other other road% The erson +ust accets the fact and sa#s that the  ath the# took !ade all the difference% The# could have had the sa!e e'erience going on the other road as &ell% The oe! is stating that "oth can lead to a successful ending% The oe! on the contrar# is not stating that it is "est to to look for the road less taken and go do&n it% ,t does not give the !essage that #ou !ust not go do&n the ath of o f the !a+orit#) "ut that &hatever ath #ou !ust go do&n it &ill influence #ou% /er# /er# often eole "elieve that stress if found go ing do&n the

Sihotang 2  aths of life "ut in realit# the !ost stress stress is the !o!ent #ou have to choose &hich ath to go do&n% That is &h# there is a sigh found in the the oe!) not fro! the ath "ut fro! the decision  "eing !ade% (s life goes on) individuals !ust !ake !ake tough decisions "ut the# should accet the  ath the# chose and go do&n &ith co!lete confidence% Ro"ert-s oe! The Road Not Taken &as &ritten during the ti!e of naturalis! in literature% ,t is ossi"le to see characteristics characteristics of naturalis!% ,n naturalis! a erson-s erson-s fate can "e deter!ined "# certain decisions that that individual !akes) also kno&n as deter!inis!% This oe! relates &ith deter!inis! "# using aths are sho& the decisions !ade !ade in a ersons life% o&ever) it is different fro! !an# of the !odern oe!s of the ti!e " ecause it states that not onl# one ath leads the right &a#% 3eter!inis! clai!s that if a erson !isses !isses the right ath) life is over% Ro"ert clai!s other&ise) &hatever decision #ou !ake) do it &ith confidence and act as if #ou took the road less taken) the road that &ill lead #ou to hainess% ha iness% 4hen an individual understands this oe! in its co!lete conte't) there is a eace that is left &ith the reader% /er# often often in life eole are forced to !ake hard decisions and &hile &alking on the ath of the decision decision "eing !ade the# get discouraged% The# soon start to dou"t the!selves and &onder if the# the# did the right thing) regretting regretting the decision that &as !ade% This  oe! leaves its hearers &ith a !ood of self*accetance% 4hen #ou !ade the decision and are &alking do&n the ath don-t considering going "ack or taking the other ath instead% Ro"ert &rites in the oe! , dou"ted if , should ever co!e "ack% The reason he &ould right that that is to state that the# ro"a"l# never &ent "ack to the trail that &as not taken% Neither should an#one go "ack to the ath the# decided not to take) the# should confidentl# go on through life and learn fro! the e'eriences and challenges that the# !a# go through%

Sihotang 3 ne reason this oe! is one of Ro"ert $rost-s !ost !ost fa!ous ieces of literature is "ecause of ho& ractical and visual it it is% ,t is a oe! that that even children can find the!selves in the situation "eing ortra#ed% o& often does an individual find find the!selves in a fork in the road and are staring their otions straight in their their e#es% The oe! then goes on to sa# , dou"ted , should ever co!e "ack) &hich is a true state!ent to a vast !a+orit# !a+orit# of eole% Even &hen a decision is !ade and it see!s to "e going the &a# it should not "e going) rarel# do eole turn around to go do&n the ath the# did not take% 6ou can see this throughout throughout societ# and schooling% ( co!!on e'a!le is &hen a erson is given g iven the oortunit# to do !ission &ork overseas) the # find the!selves in a fork in the road% ,f the individual decides to to go against it) the chances of the! ever going over to serve overseas see!s to "e ver# s!all% s!all% Ro"ert is "eing real &ith his audience% The# !a# sa# that the# &ill co!e "ack to &alk the ath the# did not take) "ut often it does not go do&n that &a# 7Seaknotes%8 4hen a decision is finall# !ade on line si'teen) there is a sigh that is !entioned% The sigh in this &ork of art is rather i!ortant% i!ortant% ,t sho&s the stress that is accu!ulated during the  rocess of !aking a decision% ( erson &ill never no &hat he &ill get hi!self into or &hat the other ath &ill lead to% Not ver# long after the sigh) sigh) a decision is is !ade% This tells the audience that through the stressful situations and e!otions riled u during the rocess of decision !aking) never forget to !ake the decision and go throughout life &ith eace a"out the decision !ade% (ll in all) after reading The Road Not Taken, an individual !ust reali9es that there are tough decisions that &ill "e !ade% o&ever &hen these decision are !ade) !ade) eole !a# "e a"le to !ove in confidence &herever the# are going "ecause it is not +ust the ath that !akes #ou ha#) "ut rather #our attitude &alking through the ath%

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