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Farsi Phrases English Greeting Hi! Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Welcome!(to greet someone) Hello my frien...


Farsi Phrases English

Farsi Phrases


Salam va ashnai

H i!


Good morning!

Sobh bekheir  

Good afternoon!

Baad az zohr bekheir  

Good evening!

Asr bekheir  

Welcome! (to greet someone)

Khosh amadid

Hello my friend!

Salam dooet e man

Ho are yo" (friendly)

Hal e shoma chetoor ast

Ho are yo" (#olite)


%&m fine' thank yo!

an khoobam 'mersi

And yo" (friendly)

 chetoori

And yo" (#olite)

*a shoma



 +ot so good

+a kheili khoob

,ong time no see

Kheili vaghte ke too ra nadidam

% missed yo

-elam barat tang shoodeh

What&s ne"

$heh khabar  

 +othing ne

Hich khabar 

hank yo (very mch)!

ersi'mamnoon'(kheili mamnoon)

.o&re elcome! (for /thank yo/)

Khahesh mikonam

y #leasre

Ba kamale meil

$ome in! (or0 enter!)

Bia too!

ake yorself at home!

%n1a khaneh shomast

Farewell Expressions

Have a nice day!

Estelahate rayej baraye khodahafezi

2ooze khoobi dashteh bashid


Farsi Phrases

Good night!

Shab bekheir  

Good night and seet dreams!

Shab bekheir va khabhaye shirin

See yo later!

Baadan shoma ra bebinam

See yo soon!

Bezoodi shoma ra bebinam

See yo tomorro!

3arda shoma ra bebinam

Good bye!


Have a good tri#!

osaferate khoobi dashteh bashid

% have to go

an bayad beravam

% ill be right back!


Holidays and Wishes

araye kasi !hizi arezoo kardan

Good lck!

oafagh bashid

Ha##y birthday!

avaloodat mobarak  

Ha##y ne year!

Sale noo mobarak  

erry $hristmas!

Krismass mobarak  

Ha##y 4id

Sale noo mobarak  

Ha##y +orooz

4ide shoma mobarak  



4n1oy! (or0 bon a##etit)


Bless yo (hen sneezing)

Afiat bashad

Best ishes!

Ba behtarin arezooha

$heers! (or0 to yor health)

Be salamati

Acce#t my best ishes

Behtarin arezoohayemara be#azir  

How to "ntrod#!e $o#rself 

%hetoorkhoodra %hetoorkhoodra moarefi konid

What&s yor name"

4sme shoma chist

y name is (5ohn -oe)

4sme man 666ast

 +ice to meet yo!

Azdidane shoma khoshhalam

Where are yo from"

Ko1ai hastid(ahle kodam keshvarhastid)


Farsi Phrases

%&m from (the 76S8 %ran)

an ahle 9(6s6a8iran) hastam

%&m (American8 %ranian)

an amrikai8#arsi hastam

Where do yo live"

Ko1a zendegi mikonid

% live in (the 76S8 %ran)

an dar(6s6a) zendegi mikonam

-o yo like it here"

Aya an1a ra doost darid"

%ran is a beatifl contry

%ran keshvarezibai ast

What do yo do for a living"

Shogle shoma chist"

%&m a (teacher8 stdent8 engineer)

Shogle man (moalem'danesh1oo'mohandes)ast

-o yo s#eak (4nglish8 :ersian)"

Aya englisi #arsi sohbat mikonid

5st a little

3aghat yek kam

% like :ersian

an zabane #arsi ra doostdaram

%&m trying to learn :ersian

an saay mikonam #arsi yadbegiram

%t&s a hard langage

;abane sakhti ast

%t&s an easy langage

An zabane asani ast

cse me! (before asking someone)


%&m lost

an gom shodeham

$an yo hel# me"

Aya mitavanid be man komak konid"

$an % hel# yo"

Aya mitavanam be shoma komak konam"

%&m not from here

an ahle in1a nistam

Ho can % get to (this #lace' this city)"

$he tor mi tavanambe(in mahal'in shahr )beresam"

Go straight

ostaghim beravid


Baad az zohr bekheir  

rn left

Be cha# be#ichid

rn right

Be rast be#ichid

$an yo sho me"

Aya mitavanid be man neshan dahid

% can sho yo!

itavanam neshan daham!

$ome ith me!

Ba man bia(friendly form)'ba man  biaid(#olite form)

Ho long does it take to get there"

$heghadr tool mikeshad ta be an1a  beresam"

-onton (city center)

arkaze shahr  

Historic center (old city)

arkaze tarikhi

%t&s near here

An nazdike in1ast

%t&s far from here

An door az in1ast

%s it ithin alking distance"

Aya #iadeh mitavan be an1a resid"

%&m looking for r6 Smith

an be donbale aghaye esmith migardam

#lanation to hy that is6 %f yo think other factors shold be inclded too' #lease comment at the bottom6 0. 1o!ab#lary0 -id yo kno that a native s#eaker of most langages of the orld

only ses abot 2333 to 4333 ords" What&s more' a native s#eaker ses only abot 233 to 433 ords on a daily basis' hich are re#eated over and over again6 hat

means' if yo memorize arond [email protected]@@ ords' yo ill be able to say rite and nderstand more than CD of the general conversations6 %f yo memorize ?? ords  #er day' in ? months yo old have memorized [email protected]@@ ord6 5. Grammar0 his #oerfl tool allos yo to mani#late the vocablary yo

already memorized6 With it' yo can strctre the vocablary to make #ro#er sentences' bt it can also hel# yo mlti#ly the nmber of ords yo already kno6 With a co#le hndreds of ords and a dozen grammar rles yo can form thosands of sentences sim#ly by changing the order or adding #refi>es and sffi>es6 2. 'ang#age reso#r!es0 he more adeEate tools yo have available to yo' the faster

and better yo learn6 3or e>am#le' if yo listen to adio lessons' #ractice yor s#eaking and riting by chatting ith native s#eakers every day is better than sim#ly

learning from a book6 .o need to diversify yor methods of learning6 2eading' listening' riting' all can hel# yo #ractice and remember more6 6. (otivation0 %t is the energy that drives the hole #rocess' ithot it' yo ill feel

like simming against the crrent' and yo ill give # eventally6 otivation can hel# yo set goals and achieve them6 %f yo say % shold memorize [email protected] ords a day for the ne>t ? months' then' all yo need is motivation' becase it&s not an im#ossible goal' it&s only a matter of #assion for learning6 %n short' yo needs lots of vocablary' a good nmber of grammar rles' adeEate langage resorces and motivation6 .o can im#rovise ith the rest de#ending on the langage yo&re learning6 ,he Easiest 'ang#age to 'earn

According to the 76S6 State -e#artment ho gro#s langages for the di#lomatic service' the /easiest/ langages for 4nglish s#eakers' are the ones sally reEiring @@ hors of classork for minimal #roficiency6 %n this case theyre the 'atin and Germani! langages gro#6 Hoever' German itself reEires more time' [email protected] hors to

 be e>act' becase of its com#le> grammar6 English is also considered easy becase it has no cases' no gender' no ord

agreement' and argably has a sim#le grammar6 he langage is everyhere and can  be heard' absorbed and sed anyhere6 %t has short ords' and verbs change only in the third #erson6 +ative s#eakers are very forgiving of mistakes as so many #eo#le s#eak it as a second langage6 his makes 4nglish one of the easiest foreign langage to learn6 "talian  is easy to learn as ell since it has no cases' ith easy clear #ronnciation' its

vocablary is derived from ,atinI therefore the vocablary has congrencies throghot the %ndo=4ro#ean ,atin inflenced orld6 Spanish is one of the easiest foreign langages to learn6 ch of its vocablary is

similar to 4nglish' and ritten S#anish is almost com#letely #honetic6 %t is closely similar to %talian' and therefore is also easy becase its grammar and #ronnciation are relatively easy' also biEitos' everyhere6

Fren!h is not difficlt to acEire since most of its ords are also in the 4nglish

vocablary6 he availability to se and stdy 3rench also make it seem an easy langage to learn6 Esperanto is also easy6 %t is ritten #honetically' as in S#anish6 %t is a constrcted or

invented langage and therefore has an advantage over natral langages hen it comes to ease of learning6 ist in english' like0 som' att' man666 bt some grammar #arts is really easy to6 ?6 And the hardest of them all' the melody' and thats very im#ortant becase it can mean different things' like0 tmtLn= the santa clas' and tMmtLn= the garden (the accent marks ment high toneNO' lo tone NP6 Bt if yo can master the sedish then yo are good666 :osted by Gordon Spiegel on e' 5anary FQ' [email protected] [email protected][email protected]Q : % am mainly stdying Sedish right no' and % have to say that it&s a very sim#le langage6 ce#tions and irreglarities that yo 1st have to memorize6 :re#ositions are es#ecially arbitrary' and the s#elling is com#le>6

:osted by *avid W on 3ri' 5anary ' [email protected] J0C0F : 4asiest shold be +oregian and Sedish6 As ith the *ikings 4nglish got lots of Scandinavian ords and are also Germanic langages like 4nglish sharing the same core ords6 ist in many other langages like German or 3rench ths making it more likely that yo have heard them before and kno ho to say them6 he only #roblem cold be the to tones' bt there are only a fe ords made different by tones that at the same time are easily ke#t a#art by their conte>t like  bRnder and bRnner6 here are also lots of books' movies' corses' channels and more to hel# yo learn them6 :osted by Pa#l on Wed' +ovember [email protected]' [email protected]@ FF0C?0 : $reole (Haiti&s /langage/) is easy becase it is a #atois or slang hich by natre old mean it as a very basic form of commnication6%f yo have the time to learn $reole do yorself a favor and learn 3rench instead 'it ill hel# yo interact ith a lot more #eo#le in the long rn=nless the only #eo#le yo ill be dealing ith are Haitians from the loer classes since $reole is all some of them can nderstand6 :osted by (oni!a on 3ri' Se#tember J' [email protected]@ [email protected][email protected] : Haitian is a very easy langage to learn becase it is ritten the same ay it&s read' and also has sim#le grammar and short vocablary6 :osted by (osamba on @[email protected]' [email protected] :

(ost *iffi!#lt 'ang#age ,o 'earn

#lanation hy they made it to this list6 %f yo think other langages shold be inclded too' #lease comment at the bottom6 0. %hinese0 any factors make $hinese very difficlt to learn6 3or e>am#le the

characters (Hanzi) sed in the riting system seem to be archaic and obscre6 4very ord is a different symbol and it&s not #honetic so it gives yo no cles as to ho it is  #rononced6 he tone system also is a #ain becase andarin has for tones6 tremely fast method of encry#ted commnication6 he code as never broken by the 5a#anese' ho ere mystified by the sonds they interce#ted6 +ava1o as not chosen as a code langage only becase it is very hard bt also becase there as no  #blished grammar or dictionary of the langage and becase native s#eakers ere readily available6 +early everything that a langage mst do is done differently by  +ava1o than by 4nglish6 3or e>am#le in 4nglish' e only mark one #erson on the verb==third #erson singlar' #resent tense (% read ==V he reads) ith a sffi>6 +ava1o marks all of the #ersons ith a #refi> on the verb6 ce#tions in grammar rles' also' many ords mean several different things6 =. as>#e is also # on to# based on a stdy made by the British 3oreign es and infi>es' so ne ords are freEently formed by adding a common tag onto the end or the  beginning or in the middle of a sim#ler ord6 BasEe is synthetic' rather than analytic6 %n other ords' BasEe ses case endings to denote relationshi#s beteen ords6 BasEe doesn&t 1st change the end of the verb' it changes the beginning too6 %n addition to the %ndo=4ro#ean langages moods' BasEe also has a fe more moods (e>6 the #otential) and' finally' BasEe has a com#le> system of denoting sb1ect' direct ob1ect and indirect ob1ect = all of hich are crammed into the verb itself6 ?. Polish0 his langage has seven cases and :olish grammar has more e>ce#tion than

rles6 German for e>am#le has for cases all of hich are logical6 :olish cases hoever seem to need more time and effort to learn the logical #attern (if any) or rlesI yo might have to learn the entire langage6 :olish has seven cases and :olish grammar has more e>ce#tion than rles6 German for e>am#le has for cases all hich are logical' :olish cases seem to have no #attern or rlesI yo have to learn the entire langage6 3rthermore :olish #eo#le rarely hear foreigners s#eak their langage' so ith no accent or regional variation' #ronnciation mst be e>act or they ill have no idea hat yo are talking abot6 03. "!elandi! is a very hard langage to learn becase of its archaic vocablary and

com#le> grammar6 %celandic ke#t all the old non declension and verb con1gations6 any %celandic #honemes don&t have e>act 4nglish eEivalents6 he only ay yo can learn them is by listening to recordings or to native s#eakers6 Bt here is something yo shold kno6 he more different a langage is from yor on (in terms of characters' grammar 666) ' the harder it might seem to yo to learn it6 ) % think korean then shold sa# #laces ith 1a#nese66 korean reading and riting is easy' bt orally s#eaking and nderstanding can be hard' hile 1a#anese is  1st the o##osite! I: :osted by 'ine on 3ri' 3ebrary ' [email protected] 0??0CF : When considering hich foreign langage old be easier or more difficlt for yorself' yo mst also remember that langage is not only #ronnciation bt the hole #attern of thinking and formling thoghts6 herefore for e>am#le a #erson from 4stern 4ro#e may find more difficlt to learn assian or african langages' hereas it ill be easier ith arabic family666% myself old #t +e#ali # tehre as Hannah said666and :olish = do not get #t off6 % am sre if yo ill try and get it rong everybody ill nderstand6 here are many different accents in :olish and once yo learn ho to read' yo are one third ay there! 0) :osted by (aya on Sat' 5anary JJ' [email protected] [email protected]?0J : % think that ,ithanian langage is also one of the hardest to learn' es#ecially for native 4nglish s#eakers6 3irst of all' s#elling and #ronnciation is diffclt6 4ven thogh the langage is mostly #honemic' it takes a really long time to #rononce its ords correctly' it has many silent letters' also many rles and even more e>ce#tions to s#elling6 ,ithanian has a #itch accent and free' mobile stress in ords6 he grammar is difficlt as ell6 Word order is free in the sentence' and the same idea can  be e>#ressed in many different ays6 +ons' ad1ectives' and #ronons have seven cases6 ,ithanian declension system is one of the most com#licated systems among modern %ndo=4ro#ean and modern 4ro#ean langages6 he verb has  tenses' ? con1gations' ? moods' active and #assive voice and the gernd6 he langage retains

a rich system of #artici#les' F? altogether ( hile 4nglish has only J)6 Ad1ectives have C degrees of com#arison6 here are many more com#licated featres that make ,ithanian hard to learn' not only for the foreign s#eakers bt also for the natives6 :osted by &enata on on' +ovember J' [email protected]@ [email protected] : % really dis#te the fact that a langage can be the &hardest& to learn6 %sn&t it all relative" -oes it not de#end on yor mother tonge" .es' langages like 5a#anese might be difficlt for an 4nglish s#eaker6 Here it says one of the reasons for the difficlty is the riting systems' #articlarly the se of kan1i= tre' an 4nglish s#eaker might strggle ith it6 Bt old it be sch a strggle for say' a $hinese stdent ho has already got knoledge of these letters8symbols throgh their native tonge" %t also says :olish is difficlt de to a case system (#ersonally as a stdent of a cased langage' % disagree ith cases being /difficlt/= % adore them!)6 Hoever' a s#eaker of another cased langage old again' not find it as difficlt6 And also' old :olish not be easier for a s#eaker of another Slavic langage sch as $zech to learn than even 4nglish (hich' nsr#risingly on this site' scored to# in the &easiest& langages to learn)6 4stonian= a 3inn old find this easier to learn than #erha#s an %ndo=4ro#ean langage6 -o % need to contine" y #oint= here is no sch thing as the hardest langage! :osted by Gabriella on Wed' +ovember J' [email protected]@ 0J0? : % have to agree that BasEe is difficlt' bt also becase it has ergative hich changes the hole ay e bild sentences6 All the $acasian langages native to the $acass (not im#osed from otside) are also as difficlt as 3innish' Hngarian and 4stonian by having many cases in several of them' #ls s#ecial consonants' some can have si> ord classes (as #refi>) for verbs and on to# of that both s#lit ergativity (hich is even harder than in BasEe) and one meets so many ne ords that are not related to other langages6 he %nit (#reviosly 4skimo) langages like many native langages from the Americas can have also s#ecial sonds' different featres ith lots of sffi>es that are ne like their ords that are sally nrelated to any other langage and difficlt to  #rononce as in +ava1o and again ergativity6 he langages from other ethnic gro#s that have lived on their on for thosands of years can be hard for otsiders to learn like aboriginal Astralian and +eginean langages' Andaman islands' Brshaski (in :akistan) or even the Khoisan langages from Africa ith their clicks6 .o can try on yor on any of these langages % listed here % be #re#ared to face real challenges! Any %ndo=4ro#ean langage (like S#anish'

3rench or 2ssian) is really easy hen com#ared to any of these e>otic langages that sally lack good learning books' nes#a#ers' $-&s radio or * channels to hear or read them6 :osted by Pa#l on Wed' +ovember [email protected]' [email protected]@ FF0?[email protected]? : % think +e#ali is also one of the hardst langages becase there are many e>e#tions and voels to learn6 .o can rite one symbol at least [email protected] ays!!! So % really think that shold be # there6 :osted by Hannah on Wed' +ovember ?' [email protected]@ [email protected]@0Q : What abot $zech and 7klrainian " hey also have seven cases6 %f yo think :olish is difficlt' try to learn Sinhalese ! :osted by 9erzy on Sn' Se#tember FJ' [email protected]@ [email protected]@F : % think *#t!h shold also be in the hardest [email protected] since e have nmeros e>ce#tions6 Also is it hard to form verbs correctly as e ork ith =d' =t or =dt6 -tch is a very difficlt langage :osted by Hanne on Wed' Agst JC' [email protected]@ [email protected]? A 9apanese #eo#le are e>#ected to learn a bit more than [email protected]@@ kan1is (the 1oyo kan1is)

 before leaving high school' and many forget the least sed ones6 [email protected]@@ kan1is is the level of knoledgeable 5a#anese #eo#le6 @@@ is the best level of the 5a#anese kan1is test and is only for kan1is e>#erts ho like reading medieval 5a#anese or something6 4ven $hinese #eo#le do not need to read [email protected]@@@ or [email protected]@@ kan1is! :osted by '#ke on Sat' Agst JF' [email protected]@ FJ0Q0FQ A here are a fe remaining Bolivians flent in @allawaya ' a mysterios langage linked to the #ractice of healing rites6 %t is #assed don cltrally from adlts to teen healers6 %f yo are not a lingist' yo #robably haven&t heard of it6 %f yo are anything  bt a chosen healer' yo ill never get to se it' or even need it6 :osted by &eg on 3ri' Agst [email protected]' [email protected]@ ?0?F0F? : %f taken literally' the hardest langages for otsiders to learn old be those that are crrently nknon by otsiders' for e>am#le' Sentinelese6 Sentinelese is com#letely nattested' and no Sentinelese have had significant contact ith otsiders for several centries' so it cannot be learned anyhere bt on +orth Sentinel %sland6 Hoever' it is illegal for anyone to visit the island' and fishermen accidentally visiting have been killed by the Sentinelese6

% recommended the list above hoever6 :osted by ;athan on @[email protected]' [email protected]@ A

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